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Using Virtual Server as Test Domain

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  • Using Virtual Server as Test Domain

    Does any body use the Virtual server software as a test domain environment with a replication of their live system, i am looking at doing this and was wondering if anyone had any pointers, Also what are the licensing issues if working this way.



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    Re: Using Virtual Server as Test Domain

    Hi Richard

    At my company, we have setup a number of test domain controllers using virtual server. Sometimes, we have synced the DC's then removed them from the domain to test something like restoring exchange. With our enterprise license agreement, we don't have any licensing issues. I believe as long as you have a key for server, you won't run into any trouble because it doesn't do any kind of active license check with microsoft, like XP.

    We have never done any kind of periodic replication or anything like that. It has always just been a one-time sync. In general, this has worked great for testing purposes. Virtual Server is really an amazing product for just about any kind of testing.

    Thanks for posting! Let me know if you have any more questions or issues!

    -David Davis
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