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Site Separation in VS or PC

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  • Site Separation in VS or PC

    Can you setup VS or PC to run multiple servers that are totally separate from each other?

    My daughter wants to have her own web site AND would like a BBS/Chat Site however I don't want to have to go and put another PC onto the network. Can I install a couple of VS, one for each purpose and keep them separate so if the web site gets hacked the BBS is not compromised and vice versa? Can it also keep the compromised site isolated from the physical machine it is sitting on?

    Now to make it real interesting, which one is better, MS virtual or VMWare for this purpose (assuming that it can be done)?
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    Re: Site Separation in VS or PC

    I can't speak too intelligently on the MS virtualization products but I assume they would accommodate your needs.

    The VMware products will also do it.

    If you're talking about subnet, DMZ, and firewall type isolation, you're going to need some routers in there whether virtual or physical. This can be accomplished with VMware. If you're simply talking about environment isolation, well, you get that out of the box with VMware and likely the MS products as well.

    The VMware motto (and yes this is on the VCP exam):
    Hardware Independence

    A while ago I built a routing lab in VMware with 5 subnets and 6 routers across 2 VMware ESX hosts. The routers are multihomed Windows 2000 Servers performing routing with RRAS. The routers are labeled A B C D E F. Virtual machines are maintained on each subnet to practice routing scenarios.

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