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Virtual PC 2004 SP1

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  • Virtual PC 2004 SP1

    I have a problem with VPC running on :
    OS: xp prof
    Processor :AMD Athlon xp 2600+
    1 Gb RAM
    CPU goes to 100% when i only try to start installation of w2003 Srv

    ???????What is it???????

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    Re: Virtual PC 2004 SP1

    With VPC, I have seen it not balance resources between host and virtual systems very well. This is especially true with intensive activities like installing an OS.

    You might try virtual server and see if it has the same trouble. However, to my recolection, just about any time you are installing an OS in a virtual server, you are putting a huge drain on host system resources.

    Just my $0.02

    Thanks for posting!
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      Re: Virtual PC 2004 SP1

      Slight thread hi-jack but it is along the lines of ynrahc's post and may have some commonalities.

      Being a cheapskate, I only have a P4, 1.7, 1GB RAM. While running Virtual PC 2004 wasn't a problem neither was running any O/S (XP & 2003 server) on it, however Windows 2003 Server did take about 13 hours to install. XP was only slightly longer than a normal install.

      Any ideas why the Server would take so long to install?
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        Re: Virtual PC 2004 SP1

        13 hours is a lot! On Virtual Server R2 it took me forever to install Vista (one of the beta builds). I took screenshots of the process and I missed one, so after almost 90% of the install I restarted it on a new machine, and it took me forever again... I still can't make Vista (I haven't tried the latest build though) to work correctly and fast enough on VS...

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          Re: Virtual PC 2004 SP1

          Yeh Vista is a dog still on VS, because they're still yet to release the new VM Additions. Think they should be out soon but ive heard that for weeks

          But when installing XP, Server 2k3, its all quite quick for me, no longer than a normal install. At work I use a P4 2.8 with 1GB RAM for VS.

          Remember if you use fixed sized virtual hard disks and make them SCSI, it increases performance