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What Hardware would i require?

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  • What Hardware would i require?

    Howdy All !!,

    firstly hi im new and glad to be here, Please forgive my lack of knowledge about what im going to as i have very little Experience with Virtual Machines.

    I have several machines running in my office and would like to consolidate them into 1 server running VMS....

    i would like some held on deciding what hardware i need for this task.

    Machine 1:-

    is an unRaid Storage Server with 24 disks housing most of my company files, 2x Scraftch Disks. The drives are plugged into 4 sata cards and motherboard, The unit boots from a flash drive ' I have experimented with virtualizing the OS with much success !'.

    Machine 2:-
    is a Minecraft server hosting machine for me and a few friends id like to reap back the hardware for use on another project, i know i can get the server running near perfectly in a vm as i have tried this before hand. The server will have a maximum of 10 people on it at any one time so would need to support them.

    Machine 3:-
    machine 3 is an unusual machine for some to comprehend but ill try inform you as best as i can... Machine 3 is my firewall and routing machine, it is running custom software to protect my network from any outside attacks it basically separates my network from my broadband connection 'Virgin media Superflub'. i personal feel the super-hub has a few flaws and that just me also handing my DHCP, DNS , Firewall, Routing, IP Monitoring, Several internal connections. ETC. ETC this is basically a heap of junk i decided to recover and use instead of binning lol

    There will be 2 Gigabit network cards 'For the Router machine' and a 10GbaseT fiber card for the Storage Server.....

    id like to know the hardware i would require to make this work... Motherboard, Cpu Ram,

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    Re: What Hardware would i require?

    There's a lot of potential solutions for you but a lot of questions need to be answered.

    Is this personal or business?
    What kind of up time/reliability do you need?
    What are your CPU requirements?
    What are your RAM requirements?
    What are your disk space requirements?
    What are your IOPS requirements?
    Do you need high-availability?
    etc, etc, etc...

    These are some of the things I go over with clients needing to spec out a new system/solution/etc.

    If this is for personal use and you're looking to whitebox this, then go through the list of requirements and you should then be able to put a system together that can handle what you need.

    Network Consultant/Engineer
    Baltimore - Washington area and beyond