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  • Virtual Server Recommendation

    I need to setup about four Virtual servers running Windows 2003 server. This is for some R&D and testing purpose.
    I have a physical server with 1 CUP, 10GB RAM and 500GB HDD

    I would like to know what is the best solutions and method to choose considering the following:

    - Host OS, If I am going to use Win2003 Std then my 10GB RAM will not the identified, so what is the best Linux distribution I can use as Host OS?

    - What is the good Virtual Server software for my purpose?

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    Re: Virtual Server Recommendation

    Why not use a 64 bit version of Windows??

    Also for Virtualisation i'd look at the free ESXi hypervisor from VMware


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      Re: Virtual Server Recommendation

      I agree - consider ESXi.

      Otherwise, maybe look at an x64 widnows platform, with vmware virtual server on top
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        Re: Virtual Server Recommendation

        I agree with ESXi and x64 OS. Standard 2008 x64 limit is 32gb.

        You can also look for Virtual BOX:

        Also, I don't know how much you know about VM server, but what is the CPU? you can set 1core to each vm if it's a quad, or let all the VM use all the CPU.

        If it's only for R&D and research, you don't need backup right? So test it before but if you see it's kidna slow, look for doing a raid 0 of HDD, or maybe SSD

        For ram, Depends of your OS what it is doing, set between 1gb to 2gb max for VM. allocate the Full space for the VM so it will increase performance.