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  • Windows Server and Virtual Pc


    i have an old laptop which has a broken screen the sepcs are 80gb hdd, 1gb ddr2 ram and wireless(b/g). the laptop for some reason wont allow me into the BIOS, i really want to run windows server on the laptop full time . could i run windows server2003 full time vitualised on top of windows vista ? - giving it all the ram i could give it, all the Hdd i could give it? would this work, it would be for sharing files and a streaming videos to devices around the house and outside the house ?

    Any ideas ?

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    Re: Windows Server and Virtual Pc

    It would *work*, but to do what you want to do I would really suggest that you need to run Windows Server on a physical machine. To do what you want to do you would at least need to add a lot more RAM.

    What sort of licence for Windows Server do you have? That may affect the answer.
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      Re: Windows Server and Virtual Pc

      i have a educatinal license, i was going to upgrade it up to 3gb of ram


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        Re: Windows Server and Virtual Pc

        With the added RAM, it won't be any problem. Your real problem is the wireless NIC. I doubt you will manage to stream videos with it in an acceptable manner. Especially not while using the B standard.

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          Re: Windows Server and Virtual Pc

          As suggested you could install Server 2003 on the laptop. Make sure you know the Vista key before wiping the HDD for Server version. This way you will not need to add addition RAM. The money could instead go towards a larger HDD.

          Alternatively, you could downgrade to XP Pro and install Server 2003 in a Virtual Machine. XP will run on 128MB RAM with the rest being given to the Virtual Server.

          If you install Server 2003 then you could install an 11n Wireless NIC and that could handle streaming assuming you have an 11n WAP.
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