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  • Cannot Open VHD File

    I downloaded VS 2005 R2 SP1 recently. Host OS is Vista Ultimate and guest is 80 gig I/O Magic portable hard drive. Intent is to restore a particular file from Windows Complete PC Backup so I can restore my online sales site which I recently killed when trying to update the template. When I mount the vhd file in elevated command prompt, reply is machine is plugged in, but all files were not transferred. When I look in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Virtual Machines\FAT32\Backup\WindowsImageBackup I find the file and it is exactly the same size which shows when in the portable hard drive - 42.7 GB. When I try to open the file with the VS VHD Mount Command Line Utility I just get a quick flash of a command prompt window, like a blink of the eye. At wits end. Can someone please help? Thank you.

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    Re: Cannot Open VHD File

    Is your removable drive NTFS format?
    (the mention of FAT32 in the file path is worrying as FAT32 does not support files over 4 Gb)
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      Re: Cannot Open VHD File

      Have you seen this article: ?
      If so, have you followed its steps?

      Sorin Solomon

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        Re: Cannot Open VHD File

        To Ossian, yes it is NTFS. In Device Management, shows Layout = Simple, Type = Basic, File System = NTFS, Status Healthy(Active, Primary Partiton), and Capacity = 74.53 GB.

        To Sorinso, yes I have read the cited article several times. Being a novice, I did not try the reg edit until this morning. The first time I right clicked it gave me the option to mount. I selected mount and got the flash command prompt window again. No mount in Windows Explorer. Additionally, when I originally mounted, it did not show up as a drive letter as in the illustration. I may have done something wrong, but it went to C:\Users\etc. as described below.

        Many thanks to both of you for replying. I sincerely hope you can help me work this out.