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Transporting vmc and vhd files to Microsoft Virtual PC

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  • Transporting vmc and vhd files to Microsoft Virtual PC

    I am in school for my MCSE and I have brought home virtual files from there on my flash drive. Since I cannot go to school as frequently as I would like due to what I have to pay in daycare, I access most of my courseware remotely. I wanted to be able to practice my labs at home as well, before my exam next week. There are two clients and one LINKS REMOVED BY MOD! files. All three have to be running for me to use them. I double click on "2274C-DEN-SRV1" vmc file and it puts it into the console. From there I click the PC that I want to open and it tells me:
    "The parent virtual hard disk has been deleted or has been moved from its previous location. Please, select the new location of the parent virtual hard disk"
    I click cange and try to select the "2274C-DEN-SRV1" vhd file in the folder that I have all of these store on my LINKS REMOVED BY MOD! desktop. It will not let me. Then it says...
    "Virtual PC was not able to create an undo disk.
    Please verify that you have sufficient privileges to write to the virtual machine configuration directory, and that the physical hard disk containing your virtual machine configuration is not full. If the virtual machine is attached to a differencing virtual disk, please verify that the virtual hard disk's parent was not modified without using the differencing virtual hard disk."

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Transporting vmc and vhd files to Microsoft Virtual PC

    There should be a base VHD file as well. That's the VHD file that you need to poit to when prompted. There will be one for each OS type. The other VMC is the settings file an the other VHDs just the changes from the base VHD.


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      Re: Transporting vmc and vhd files to Microsoft Virtual PC

      Taking MOC-based VHDs from class for your personal or other use is not allowed.

      Thread closed.

      In any case, I noticed a bunch of links on your message. They have been removed. If you want to insert innocent links, please do so in a normal way. On the other hand, if you're trying to spam us, you'll be banned.

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