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  • Clone From HD

    I have a HD I want to clone to a vhd. I am not sure about this process and what are the proper steps. MS is no help and I am hoping I can find the information here. This HD is external and I will be accessing it via the USB to the laptop's vhd I have created.

    Thanks ahead of time for any and alll assistance.

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    Re: Clone From HD

    Well, this doesn't seem to be getting much response. Let me ask another question.

    Does anyone have any experience using Clone Genius with Virtual PC? I can get Clone Genius started, but it freezes up once I get to the selection display.

    Thanks again


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      Re: Clone From HD

      What exactly are you trying to do, physical to virtual migration? Why wouldn't a plain copy of the HD contents work?

      You could take an image of the external hard disk with appropriate tool like Ghost. Store the image into an ISO image file and mount the image to Virtual PC guest OS. Then you can restore the external HD's file system upon another a VHD.



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        Re: Clone From HD

        You can also install the VMadditions and then map to the external drive on the physical machine. You then don't need to migrate the data or you can if you want to.


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          Re: Clone From HD

          I think you should start from scratch and provide all the relevant info:
          - what OS are you using?
          - what VPC version?
          - is the external HD bootable? Do you need to boot your VM from it?
          - will the VHD file fit on the laptop's HD?

          With all this info we will be able to provide you a solution for what you're asking... There are tools that can do that (WinImage, for instance), I just want to be sure what you seek...

          Sorin Solomon

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