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VS 2005 shared nic Media and media sharing

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  • VS 2005 shared nic Media and media sharing

    Hi, think I am having a slight network issue?

    Host =Vista Business SP1 (DC Member), Guest =server 2008 (DC)
    The issue I am having is that whilst the virtual server is running I cannot connect to my media on my vista (host) machine. When I shutdown the 2008 server I can connect without issue. Both machines real and virtual share the same wireless adapter and can ping each other and all other machines on my home lan can see both (they have unique ip's). I have even been using the VS 2008 server as a ts gateway server to remote desktop to the vista machine from the internet. I am guessing the issue is due to both using the same network adapter and the xbox getting confused. Any recommendations on how to get it working in harmony? To re-cap there is only one physical network adapter at present and its wireless, this is what the virual server is set to use. It is set to have a static ip address *.*.*.10 and *.*.*.11. I am thinking about getting another wireless adapter and making this available to only the gues o/s to see if it solves but before I spend the cash was wondering if there was some other network config that I could try.


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    Re: VS 2005 shared nic Media and media sharing

    Looks like another adapter is required to solve this, did a test with the wired network card set VS to use that and made it unavailable to the host OS. Only host os now using the original wireless adapter and tversity is connecting fine. I am going to have to buy another wireless adapter as the network cable is impratical at present.


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      Re: VS 2005 shared nic Media and media sharing

      Thanks for coming back with the update.
      I hope you will succeed. And don't forget to tell us

      Sorin Solomon

      In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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        Re: VS 2005 shared nic Media and media sharing

        All working well now with two wireless cards. The new card I bought is dedicated to the virtual machine and within the cards properties on the host has everything unticked except virtual machine networking. Only the host is using the original card. All communications work and I can connect to my media on the host machine from my xbox without having to shutdown the virtual server. Its a bit of a shame it could not be done with just the one card but at least its all running now how I wanted.