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VHD file boot problem in VPC

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  • VHD file boot problem in VPC

    Hi all

    I have created the VHD file(windows 2003 server) of my physical drive using winimage , after that i have created new machine using the microsoft virtual PC 2007, created VMC file and linked to the VHD file also but when startup it is not showing anything, a blank screen comes after starting the VPC it is not booting into my VHD file which having the 2003 server

    the VHD file size is 300GB, i think because of it size it is giving me the problem,
    where as when creating the new machine in VPC the maximum it shows 130 GB.

    Can you help me where i am going wrong and make my VHD file to boot.


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    Re: VHD file boot problem in VPC

    Hi, bhattu. Welcome to the forums! Don't forget to read the forums' rules.
    There are a lot of problems with the process you followed.
    First, the max size of a virtual disk in VirtualPC 2007 is indeed 127GB. As you noticed in the Virtual Disk Wizard. No way a 300GB will work...
    Second, when you use WinImage to clone a machine into a VHD file, the image contains all the relevant drivers and settings... Including the disk controller drivers.
    By any chance, the disks in the physical server are connected to a RAID controller by any type? Or a SCSI controller? If so (and according to the disks' size, it looks like it is), one cannot expect the OS to boot from an IDE controller (the only type available in VirtualPC)?
    I think you should start from scratch and tell us what did you tried to do, maybe we'll find a better way to do that...
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    Sorin Solomon

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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      Re: VHD file boot problem in VPC

      Hi sorinso,

      First of all thank you for responding to my post ,

      I read lot of posts that they created the VHD file of there physical drive and ran into the virtual PC 2007 sucessfully.

      I have few questions To run the VHD file in the vitual PC 2007 its size it constraint like it should not be more than 127GB.

      Second if i crated the VHD file Lessthan 127GB will it boot without problems or do i have to use the operating system CD to repair the install.

      third If my phsyical harddrive size is more (300GB) how can i create a VHD file of 127GB, is there any compression process VHD file after creating.

      If i am doing wrong process Can you please tell the process how to create a VHD file from my phsyical harddrive so that i can run in the virtual PC without any repair install.

      Will it happen without repair install or do i need Operating system CD.

      My main objective is to take the backup of my system (windows 2003 server) and run it in virtual PC 2007. Please help in the process.



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        Re: VHD file boot problem in VPC

        Before I can provide any answers to your questions, you need to provide some information (I already asked questions in my previous message, and you did not answer ):
        - what is the hardware of your server? What manufacturer, what model, what disks, what controller?
        - how is that 300GB disk partitioned (if at all)?
        - from that 300GB disk, how much data you have on it?
        - what is the purpose of this process? To have something running in production? Or for tests?

        Sorin Solomon

        In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.