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Resetting the date on a VPC file

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  • Resetting the date on a VPC file

    This is my first post to this forum. I have learned a lot just by browsing the topics. Thanks for all the great info!!

    I am trying to roll back the date on a VPC. I have to run applications that have expired on the original VPC. I am not using it for production, but to learn about the product, without having to reinstall the app, which is quite a lengthy process. When I try to do it through the normal methods, i.e. the control panel, the VPC just maintains the current date.

    Any thoughts.

    Thanks again for all your great posts.

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    Re: Resetting the date on a VPC file

    Unless you have been taking snapshots of the VHDs, using Volume Shadow Copy Service, NTBACKUP or another type of tool or have been copying the VHD, I don't think you will be to roll back. Have you tried rolling the tiem and date back on the VHD and to see what effect it has?


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      Re: Resetting the date on a VPC file

      For future reference, do not shutdown the operating system but use the Save State option. I have found this to affect the time on app time expiration a little.
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        Re: Resetting the date on a VPC file

        Good point Biggles77. I have discovered that myself when using a 30 day trial VHD downloaded from Microsoft and wondered how I was getting more than 30 days from it.


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          Re: Resetting the date on a VPC file

          Well, there are few things I would try here:
          - if the expiration date passed already, most chances it won't work anymore, even if you do manage to roll back the date. Software developers get smarter than that nowadays ...
          - if the expiry date is ahead of you, you may want to try and disconnect the virtual machine from the host (set it's network connection to none), start the VM and change the date and time in the BIOS ! The OS date and time should synchronize to it also. If not, change it to be the same.
          - if you need the VM connected to the Net, you may want to change the settings of the clock not to synchronize itself with time server on the Web. It might work...

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