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Lose host machine restore points

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  • Lose host machine restore points

    I have Vista Ultimate on my laptop - have been using XP Home successfully for a few weeks now through Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

    However shortly after installing , I noticed that most of my System Restore points for host machine were being erased. I am n0ow where Ultimate will creat a restore point for the current day, but is erased the next.

    Is there a way I can protect my host machine restore points while continuing to use XP on the virtual guest machine?

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    Re: Lose host machine restore points

    By default, System Restore in Vista uses at least 300MB of disk space and can get up to 15% of your disk space. And this, for every disk you have System Restore enabled on.
    This being said, if your free disk space drops, older Systme Restore points are deleted.
    How much is your hard disk on your laptop and how much free space you have on it?

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