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Insert Boot media in Specified Boot device Error

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  • Insert Boot media in Specified Boot device Error

    I have disabled network adapter from settings I have disabled floppy drive in BIOS of the Vitual pc 2007 the boot device as CD ROM is showing as virtual cd even in the file menu of the Virual PC 2007 if I go into CD and use CD drive F: it still says insert boot media in selected boot device…someone please help!! The cd rom is selected as first boot device and floppy drive is disabled yet the Virtual PC 2007 will not read XP boot cd in the combo drive. I don’t get any prompt for password or anything like that I downloaded Virtual Pc 2007 from microsoft’s website the cd player does even blink when I start the Vitual PC 2007 and when it is looking for DHCP or something like that normally I play songs and videos from my combo drive. I hope I have started new thread in the right place if not do help anyway.

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    Re: Insert Boot media in Specified Boot device Error

    I split your previous post from the thread you posted in, since it was not related in any way to it.
    You can find your post (and my reply to it) here. So, no need to post again.

    Thread closed.

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