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Problems with VPC reading boot floppies and making images.

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  • Problems with VPC reading boot floppies and making images.

    Problem has recently showed up - floppy did work fine perhaps a
    month or two ago. Alot of software has been installed and deinstalled over that period of time, so going after things that have changed is not a reasonable method of attack. Since it is a rather obscure problem, it also may have existed for far longer than the month or two I mentioned above.

    Floppy works perfect from native DOS (can boot to DOS from diskette)
    Floppy has problems in cmd prompt (and command prompt) under WinXP

    Problem Areas:
    Virtual Machines do not recognize that a boot disk is in the drive
    Virtual Machines can boot off of floppy images or bootable CD.
    DiskImage programs (several) get read errors right away on
    bootsector 0 sector 0 when trying to create an image under WinXP
    DiskImage programs can create an image under native DOS.

    DiskImage programs can write an image to a floppy under WinXP (or DOS)

    attempted solutions:
    Replaced Floppy Drive - no changes
    Replaced Floppy Cable - no changes
    installed usb floppy - same symptoms
    Uninstalled floppy drive in WinXP then reinstalled - no changes
    Booted to safe mode - same symptoms
    Generate Diskettes via native dos, winxp, cmd prompt - no changes

    It looks to me like something under WinXP is not recognizing the reading of boot sectors of floppies. The floppies seem to be created ok and work in native dos, but any read access of bootsector via Windows fails.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the floppy problem so I can create floppy images under WinXP and boot VPC's using real bootable floppies?

    Windows XP Pro 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3
    Intel Pentium III class (x86 F6 M15 S11) MMX, SSE2, Intel VT
    4 Processors, 2.4 GHz 3072MB memory
    Microsoft Virtual PC (2007)