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Virtual Networks not the same in SCVMM and admin website

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  • Virtual Networks not the same in SCVMM and admin website

    Hi, everyone.
    I have two identical servers (acting as hosts) with following specs:
    - HP DL360G5
    - two Quad-Core CPUs
    - 8GB RAM
    - 2x72GB SAS disk for OS (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 64bit) - mirrored
    - 3x146GB SAS disks for virtual machines - RAID5
    - additional 4-port NIC (to allow each VM to have its port).

    I work with SCVMM2007 to manage my virtual environment, based on VirtualServer 2005 R2 SP1.
    One of the servers (Host1) is OK: I defined four virtual networks and allocated them to each of the four ports on the added NIC. The VMs are working OK.
    On the other server (Host2) though I have a problem: I cloned one of the machines from Host1 to Host2, but the machine has no network connection (cannot log in, because it does not see a domain and does not respond to ping from outside).
    And here starts the odd issue.
    While checking the host's virtual networks in SCVMM, I see that all are set to None. When I check the same in the VirtualServer Administration Website, I see each of the virtual networks set to a different port on the NIC.
    I'm puzzled and no more ideas left. Anyone?

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    Sorin Solomon

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