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Host-to-host Name Resolution

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  • Host-to-host Name Resolution


    I am having some major difficulties getting host to host name resolution working properly.

    I have a need for my VM hosts to communicate on my physical network and within the VM network.

    To begin with, I have several VM hosts running on a 2008 (32bit) system with two physical network adapters.

    These VM hosts are domain members of my internal Windows 2003 AD domain. Name resolution to all physical computers from the VM hosts works perfectly (and vise versa). This was accomplished setting up a virutal adapter which uses the physical adapter(s). Static IPs have been assigned to each of my host VM serves (e.g. Venus - These VM Hosts have registered DNS records on my primary DNS zone for my AD.

    In order get VM host to VM host network connectivity, I've setup DHCP on my "Internal Network" virtual network. (e.g. Venus ICMP (ping) works perfect between these hosts. Unfortuantely, name resolution doesn't resolve to the Internal IP). When attempting name lookup from a VM host to VM host, it resolves to my DNS on physical network (i.e.

    The only solution that I've found is to have a host file configured on each of my VM Hosts.

    Does anyone have an idea???


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    Re: Host-to-host Name Resolution

    Welcome to the forums, pepsijuror! Don't forget to read the forum rules...
    Now, back to your question:
    First of all, semantics:
    - Host is the physical machine that the virtualization product is installed on and that holds the virtual machines (without getting into where are they stored in reality).
    - VM is the virtual machine itself, that machine that its hardware is emulated.
    So, when you say VM host, you actually mean the Virtual Machine, don't you?
    Let's see if I understood right: You have the virtual machines as part of the domain, connected to the real network. Plus, you defined an internal network with 10.X.X.X addresses on the same VMs. (May I ask Y? It only makes troubles and it is against Microsoft recommendations that a machine with two NICs in two different subnets should only be used a router...) But on this internal net you only have the VMs. So, who do you want to do the name resolution? You don't have any DNS server (or even a WINS)? Don't forget that the external DNS does not see the internal addresses. In tis case, the only solution is a HOST file.
    But I would redo the set-up and loose that second NIC.

    Sorin Solomon

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