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  • Microsoft .VHD downloads.


    I just have a question about microsofts VirtualPC. I was testing the Exchange 2007 server on a network through a windows virtualpc. After running the installation and .rar files and opening the .vhd in a default newly installed version of VirtualPC, the DHCP service that came installed with the server began issuing IP addresses to PCs on the physical computers network. Funny.

    Anyways, I thought by default VirtualPC wasn't suppose to allow bridged networking, and you had to physically go through the virtualPC NIC card settings?

    I was using virutalpc 6.0.192 with the Windows Server 2003 with Exchange 2007 VHD available from the microsoft website.

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    Re: Microsoft .VHD downloads.

    I wasn't aware that Microsoft offered downloads as Rar archives?

    In any case, bridged networking seems to be the default for me creating new VMs...
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      Re: Microsoft .VHD downloads.

      Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
      wasn't aware that Microsoft offered downloads as Rar archives?
      Actually, it does... It does that to split large files (and VHDs are such) into smaller chunks. The Exchange2007 VHD has four parts, Exchange2007SP1 VHD has three parts.
      BTW, you don't have to have WinRAR on your computer, the archive is self-extracting (the first part is EXE).

      @2muchtooyoung: you should always check the settings of the VM before first run. This is indeed the default behavior.

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