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Attaching a guest os to a domain

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  • Attaching a guest os to a domain

    Hi everyone,

    We are running Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 64bit.
    We have 4 guest OS's running Windows 2000 (compatibility issue with a running app).
    I have them all assigned to a Virtual Network, that is in turn assigned to the Microsoft Loopback adaptor.
    All of them can surf the web, connect to mapped drives, etc. outside of the virtual environment (ie in the production environment).
    My issue/question is...can the guest oses be made to be part of a domain outside of the virtual environment?
    When I attempt to do so, I get the 'Domain could not be contacted..DNS issue' error, but I have even manually set the DNS in the test guest os to point specifically to the DNS of the domain we want it to be part of. It can telnet to that DNS server on port 53, too.
    Is it a security permission on the file/folders of the guest os location? Will that also be an issue once I solve the DNS redirect issue?
    I have also updated the lmhost file in the gues os to include both the ip address of the PDC (a 2003 AD box) and the \0x1b needed.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Attaching a guest os to a domain

    Connect the virtual network to a physical network adapter that is on the physical network, not the loopback adapter.

    1) I'd use hosts rather than lmhosts
    2) I wouldn't use hosts either

    Are addresses assigned by DHCP?

    Yes, VMs can be joined to a domain.
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      Re: Attaching a guest os to a domain

      Hi Gforce...thanks for the quick response!

      -OK, first, we really need to keep them on their own IP range, as we have limited available IPs in the production range.
      -Hosts files don't really help an OS locate Domain Controllers during the authentication and membership join phase, but to answer that, I do actually have the AD DC listed in the hosts file too.

      -Yes, the guest OS's are assigned by DHCP, but I manually set the DNS in an effort to force the guest OS to use the DC's DNS first, rather than what the DHCP was giving.

      -Here is why it's tricky...the Domain we want it to be part of is not the production environment one, and not even in the same physical location. It's in a satellite location connected by a VPN tunnel. We have PC's here in the production environment that are part of that domain, so IP routing is OK.

      -Could it be the ICS nat'ing between the loopback adapter and the physical NIC? The firewall is off on the host os. Without hooking up a sniffer (next on my list) I'm wondering if it's because the target DC cannot cold-call back.