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Can't connect Virtual PC to LAN

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  • Can't connect Virtual PC to LAN

    I have installed XP SP2 on my Virtual PC 2007.
    I have Host OS as XP SP2.
    I am unable to ping Virtual Machine from same LAN,but able to ping Virtual PC from host machine.
    Virtual IP : X.X.8.48
    Host Machine IP from which ping is succesfull : X.X.8.57

    Machine IP from which ping is unsuccessfull X.X.8.56

    Hope to receive a good and final solution from u guys.

    Last edited by sorinso; 5th November 2008, 08:57. Reason: Real IP addresses removed

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    Re: Can't connect Virtual PC to LAN

    Welcome to the forums. I took myself the liberty to edit your post and remove the real IP addresses from it. I think it is safer that way.

    Now, to your issue:
    - did you try both ping [hostname] and ping [IP address]? And neither did not work?
    - how is your virtual machine's network configured? Local only by any chance?

    Let's see the reply and we'll go from there.

    Sorin Solomon

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