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Merging multiple .vhd files into one

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  • Merging multiple .vhd files into one

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem! Last week my work laptop decided to die, so before I nuked the hard drive I managed to salvage one of my Virtual PC's (the one with the most work on) onto an external hard drive - two files were copied, the .vmc file and the .vhd file (around 19 GB).

    The problem is, the external hard drive is using FAT32 partition and so spliced the 19GB file into 5 smaller 4GB .vhd files.

    Does anyone know how to merge all these back to their original state? i.e. one .vhd file that I can use to run up my saved Virtual PC?? Or is this a lost cause!?

    I would appreciate any responses on this one!



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    Re: Merging multiple .vhd files into one

    At the first glance, your question is not related to VirtualPC, since 4GB max size is a FAT32 feature. You could have copied any other type of file, the result would be the same (several 4GB chunks). So it looks more like a FAT32 question than virtualization.
    Nevertheless, there is a solution in VirtualPC exactly for this issue, you can read about it in the Virtual PC Guy's WebLog.
    Let me know if it helped.

    Sorin Solomon

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