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  • Company Disclaimer at startup

    Hello everybody,

    I'm a SharePoint developer and a little bit VPC guy at the company
    Now I've created many vpc's for our employees, but there is still one little thing to do...

    When the VPC starts up, there should be a kind of 'disclaimer' / 'License' about the company. I know it could be, because Microsoft also use this technique on some VPC's, but I can't find anything about this. It should be something, that when they copy over their personal VPC from the server, they can't change the disclaimer text etc....

    anybody got an idea?



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    Re: Company Disclaimer at startup

    I think your questions is not related to VirtualPC, but to the OS in your machines.
    I have a public computer with CD burner installed, running on XP, for a specific purpose. I wrote a simple VB script that displays a warning message regarding what is acceptable usage of the burner related to copyrights and put it in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Programs\StartUp. This way, the message is displayed and acknowledged at every login.

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      Re: Company Disclaimer at startup

      Another way to do it is by gpo, or gpedit.msc

      in computer configuration>Windows settings> security settings> Local Policies> security options.

      Locate the policies that say
      Interactive logon: message text for users attempting to log on
      Interactive logon: Message title for users attempting to log on.

      You could set your disclaimer there.
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        Re: Company Disclaimer at startup

        WOW! quick and helpfull reply!
        I'm going to try both and let you guys now which one I've used.