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Networking Problem in VPC 2007

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  • Networking Problem in VPC 2007

    I have VPC installed one a computer that runs on Vista Ultimate, I am running XP on the VPC instance.

    I recently disabled the two native Nvidia network adapters on the computer's motherboard and installed a Intel NIC. I did this to get around driver incompatibilities between the Nvidia adapters and Vista. It cost me $30 dollars but it has saved that in reboot headaches.

    Yesterday I went into VPC to run XP and I immediately got a popup with a long message, see the attached jpg file. It appears that my disabling the Nvidia drivers in the logical machine has left VPC looking for them but unable to find them.

    I looked in the XP services running in the virtual computer but I saw no mention of an Nvidia or an Intel driver.

    Since the error message refers to a "Virtual Machine Network Services Driver"[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Cec/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG] I assume that it is a driver that is native to the VPC OS software itself and not a third party product. (I know that sound silly).

    Cutting to the chase, is there a way to get the VM to recognize the newly installed Intel NIC and its drivers without having to go through a total reinstall of the VM and XP?

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Networking Problem in VPC 2007


    Please go to the properties of the network connection and check that the Virtual Machine Network Services is there and check if it is enabled.


    Johan Veldhuis
    Best regards,

    Johan Veldhuis


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      Re: Networking Problem in VPC 2007

      Thanks so much for your reply Casual. I read it, closed the browser, opened VPC and lo and behold I didn't get the error message at all. In fact I got a popup telling me that there were updates available to install. Of course I couldn't have seen that if I wasn't on the Internet could I? Right now I am using the browser in VPC to write this message.

      I don't know what the problem was but obviously a reboot of VPC fixed it. Go figure.