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Virtual Server 2005 install problem

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  • Virtual Server 2005 install problem

    I installed VS2005 on WinServer 2003 with no errors. I created a small virtual disk to test. I then noticed I was getting access errors and finally uninstalled VS2005. I continue to get security errors on any program I try to run. Here is the error - Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

    This is my first exposure to VS. Can someone help me out? At this point the server is unusable for anything. Does VS change the security of the drive? Also, same problem on a second drive that I didn't install it on!


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    Re: Virtual Server 2005 install problem

    Hey, timk.
    Well, it might be pretty much anything... It is difficult to say from the error message you posted.
    If you could post a screenshot ... Maybe we can find something there... And please take a look at the Event log (both Application and System), see if something shows up there.

    Sorin Solomon

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