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    Greeting friends.

    Am the newest member of petri. I have read carefully the welcome information about how to use all forums.

    I know this is not the right place for my question but i hope i'll got the answer...

    My company now going to start training on virtualization i.e. ( Vmware and Microsoft virtual server) and we are free to join any bcoz my company has clients for both the the question is which technology should i choose........because its a ten day training by the Vmware and Microsoft expert and we have to choose only one.

    please tell me which tech. shoul i go for.


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    Re: Virtual technology

    Hello and Welcome,

    If you could quickly answer my question...What should I buy a Ford or a Chevy? You may have an opinion of what you like better Ford or Chevy but you don't have any idea of what my needs are...

    I think you will have a lot better luck if you can be more specific of your plans and needs.

    How big is your enviornment, are all the users local or do you have remote offices, how many virtual servers are you planning to run, what is the physical hardware you have or are you getting?


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      Re: Virtual technology

      Thanks for responce.

      Actually i worked in IT support company, i cant mantion the name here and we have clients all acorss the world, and we have clients for both tech. so i just want the opinion about both these products, their market share and future forecast



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        Re: Virtual technology

        You're asking a question that cannot be answered in one forum post. I suggest you do some reading, get a good book and some whitepapers. Also, since you're such a big company I believe that you have a budget to hire a good virtualization expert that will help you decide and make the right design decisions.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services