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Virtual Server 2005 R2 + WIN98 problem (CPU load at 100%)

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  • Virtual Server 2005 R2 + WIN98 problem (CPU load at 100%)

    This is driving me nuts, I have a legacy application that is running on a windows 98 virtual machine.

    Server itself is a dual opteron box and therefore has 2 physical CPU's, unfortunately this win98 VM ALWAYS runs at 100% CPU Load and the underlaying 2003 x64 server is showing that load spread evenly between the two CPUs.

    it seems to make the 2003 server run a bit sluggish.

    the 98 VM isn't really running at 100%, its CPU load is normal between 2-5% when idle and yet VMRC or Virtual Server admin website are showing it at 100%. interestingly enough, if you watch VMRC long enough the CPU load will drop to 70/80% every once in a while and then jump right back up to 100%

    any ideas? I'm almost thinking it's something like old school DOS, I think DOS couldn't really "waste" cpu cycles and would always run a default routine that kept it at 100% no matter what

    I realize I can adjust resources and only give this win98 a certain % of available CPUs, but either way this win98 maxes out whatever is given to it so that's not really a solution

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    Re: Virtual Server 2005 R2 + WIN98 problem (CPU load at 100%)

    What version of VS2005 are you using? 32bit? 64 bit? SP1?
    How did you configure the resource allocation on the server? It would be nice if you could post a screenshot of your Virtual Server Administration Site with the Resource Allocation. Don't forget to erase any info you don't want on the Internet.

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      Re: Virtual Server 2005 R2 + WIN98 problem (CPU load at 100%)

      Did you install the VM Additions on the VM?

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