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Slow SCSI Driver + Linux Installation

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  • Slow SCSI Driver + Linux Installation

    Hi Folks,

    I know that the default SCSI driver is ultimately slow on a new install, until Virtual Additions can be installed and the driver updated, but I can't find a real solution to my problem, and hope someone can help.

    I'm trying to install CentOS 5.1 on a Virtual Server installation, due to the slow SCSI driver, it takes about 2-3 hours per install, when it should really only take about 10-15 minutes for a full installation.

    - Where can I obtain a linux driver, to place onto CD so I can use a driver disk during install to provide the accelerated driver?
    - Can I add this into Virtual Server, so it uses this driver by default for all created VM's, or can it only be installed once an OS is up?

    I've found loads of solutions mainly for Windows, but I just can't get my head around the linux installation, and it's the only thing holding me back.
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    Re: Slow SCSI Driver + Linux Installation

    1. use LSI, not Buslogic for a linux installation
    2. the SCSI driver is perfect in RHEL5 (Centos5)
    3. in a VM, it might be possible that you need to tweak the kernel to comply with the vCPU tick cycle, to speed things up. AFAIK the issue has been addressed in the latest kernel update, and you simply need to install the VMguest compatible kernel
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