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unable to detect USB thumbdrive in VM 2007

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  • unable to detect USB thumbdrive in VM 2007

    hi all,

    i just installed the vm vista on my vista host machine. the problem is, i cant get my USB thumbdrive detected on my vista vm 2007. i dont c any setting that showing/allows me to mount the any usb devices.

    however, my usb mouse is working just fine in both host & vm.

    please advise...

    thank-you very much

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    Re: unable to detect USB thumbdrive in VM 2007

    Although you do not say it, I assume (a great sin, I know) that you are using VirtualPC 2007.
    VirtualPC does not support USB storage devices of any kind.
    Quote from VirtualPC's help file:
    Virtual PC does not support universal serial bus (USB) devices. However, a USB device connected to the physical computer might provide services that the guest operating system can use. For example, you can use Shared Folders to make an external removable storage device available to the guest operating system.
    Nevertheless, USB keyboards and mice are supported.
    Take a look at VirtualPC FAQ, you may find more relevant info there.
    BTW, the same for Virtual Server 2005. It does not "see" the USB storage devices. At the moment, only VMWare does that.

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: unable to detect USB thumbdrive in VM 2007

      ok. thats explained.

      thank-you very much.