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Should I bind all my VM's to 1 NIC

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  • Should I bind all my VM's to 1 NIC

    I too am planning a similar project, thoguh I honestly never once gave any consideration to network traffic (granted, we have 7 employees).

    I too look forward to your results.

    Sidebar: I am working with a Dell PowerEdge 2950 III, running dual quad-core Xeon E5405's @ 2.0ghz w/ 8gb ram. The plan is to have 3 VM's:

    1: AD server for failover duties
    2: Exchange 2007 server
    3: Search Server (utilizing the Search Server 2008 Express program)

    The host box itself is doing double duty as a file server as well. Since I have dual gigabit ethernet adapters, should I bind all my VM's to 1 NIC, and (somehow) force file sharing off the other NIC?

    Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread.

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    Re: Should I bind all my VM's to 1 NIC

    This post has been split from this thread.

    New question asked so new Thread required.
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      Re: Should I bind all my VM's to 1 NIC

      Well, being in the pre-testing stages, I can only use my common sense for a possible answer. And the answer is a question by itself: if you already are using VMs for such tough tasks, like DC, Exchange and Search Server, why not make another VM for File Server? Why not leave the host OS for hosting only?
      This way, you will have better grip on what service is using which hardware, especially NICs.
      14.12.2007: Looking into the documentation available from Microsoft regarding the Virtual Server 2005, I came across this article : Virtual Server 2005 SP1 Performance Tips. Notice the last two tips
      BTW, you did not say anything about what virtualization are you going to use, but I think the tips shown here are application-independent.
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