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Broadcom BASP Virtual Adapter and MS Virtual Adapter Problem

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  • Broadcom BASP Virtual Adapter and MS Virtual Adapter Problem


    Ok, I got a problem, and can't find an answer. Maybe someone here will know.

    Server - IBM 8843 HS20 Blade, Dual Xeon 3.6, 8gb Ram, Dual Broadcom NetXtream 5704 Adapters. 2x36gb Hard Disks, DS4300 SAN Attached Storage.

    Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 64bit SP2 with all the latest updates.
    Broadcom Driver (10.62.00) and Firmware (10.4.6) updated to latest versions.
    BASP at latest Version 10.7.14

    Broadcom Adapter #2 connected to a Cisco switch as a trunk.
    Two VLAN Teams created using Broadcom Adapter #2, VS-VLAN1 (untagged), VS-DMZ (VLAN30). IP of the Host Server is located on VS-VLAN1 Broadcom Virtual Adapter.

    IP Communications from Broadcom Virtual Adapters work fine from the Host Server.

    Created a VS Virtual adapter connected to the VS-VLAN1 Broadcom Virtual Adapter, and assigned it to a Virtual Guest Server.

    The Guest server can ping the Host, and Vice Versa. But that is it, no other IP communications is able to reach the Guest Server. With the exception of DHCP. The Guest server can grab a DHCP address from the DHCP Server located on same VLAN1 on a completely different server. (but same Cisco Switch).

    If I assign the Physical Broadcom Adapter #2 to a new VS Virtual Adapter and assign that to the Guest Server, IP Communications work fine, but I am limited to the VLAN1, untagged. I have tried other VLAN ID, but same result.

    Anyone got any Ideas on how to resolve this? I have played with several IP Chimmey settings and device driver settings, but have gotten no where.


    Andre Thibodeau - [email protected]
    The IT Guys Ltd.