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Differences between physical and virtual machines

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  • Differences between physical and virtual machines

    Hi, have you read any article explaining the differences between physical and virtual machines? If yes, can you direct me to that link?

    I will be happy if any of you can explain this in details...


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    Re: Differences between physical and virtual machines

    The difference is total... there are very few similarities.

    Take the example of ESX. It is a UNIX-based OS running on a "bare metal" server - i.e. it does not run on top of Windows. Generally runs on a powerful machine. There are two main interfaces to ESX - one is the management interface which allows the administrator to manage the ESX environment and "make it go". The other is the Infrastructure Client which allows you to create and manage virtual machines.

    ESX sits there and pretends to be a PC - it uses software to present an environment which LOOKS LIKE a PC with drives, network cards, a BIOS etc etc etc. You can then install an operating system on this "PC". ESX allows the creation of several of these "Virtual Machines" all at once on ONE server - so one, powerful machine seems from the outside to be several ordinary machines running Windows, Linux, MACOS or whatever.

    A real machine obviously has its own memory, network cards and BIOS etc... physically attached to a motherboard in a box. A virtual machine has none of that at all - it's simply allocated a slice of the capabilities of the "host" machine.

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      Re: Differences between physical and virtual machines

      I found in Wikipedia a rather detailed article about what is a virtual machine. Since I think (I know, it's usually a big mistake) that you already know what a physical machine is, then the differences should be clear.


      Note: I think we need a Wikipedia sign, similar to the Google one ...

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