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    I am self-taught in basic networking. Managed to get an MCP. I have a project that is a little over my head. I would like to configure a website on a laptop that features access to SQL server. This is for demonstration purposes only... not production. I believe the machine has enough specs 1.8Ghz Processor, 2Gb SDRAM. After placing virtual server on the laptop I am not sure what is the best path to achieve this goal. I want to demonstrate to someone how one can navigate to a website, enter data and query it. Not sure how and when to install IIS and the rest of it. Guidance sought

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    Re: Virtual Website

    Well if you're just trying to set up a basic web server and database for a one time demonstration, personally, I'd just use InstantRails. It installs Apache and MySQL (among other things for Ruby, which you can ignore). You turn it all on / off with the click of a button. Set up a basic PHP / MySQL DB demo from one of countless tutorials out there, and you're done.
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      Re: Virtual Website

      To add to Wired's answer, to demo anything in a VM environment, be it MS VM or VMWare, you need to install the host OS + VM software (which you did), then install whatever guest OS you'd like, make sure it can be accessed from outside, then configure the webserver + SQL DB to work as you would on any live machine.

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