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Bind together 4 enterprise vital servers in a virtual server ?

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  • Bind together 4 enterprise vital servers in a virtual server ?

    say that I have a corporate lan with 2 DCs (w2k and w2k3 servers).
    W2k3 dc runs also exchange server 2003,
    w2k dc runs other legacy apps,
    Another w2k3 server runs isa server 2004 with 2 nics connected to internal
    lan and external wan (there is also a firewall hardware !).
    Another w2k3 server runs erp app.
    Active Directory has 100 users, the above 4 servers and 50 PCs, printers, ...

    Say that I can purchase a new computer.

    Here are my questions :

    is it possible (and reliable from the point of view of corporate admins)
    to install and run 2 DCs (with exchange server),
    isa server and erp server on 4 different vmware server virtual machines
    on the new computer ?

    If yes, can I administer these 3 servers (as I do now) each
    separated from the other (I think so, but I would hear from you) ?

    is it possible to migrate directly AD and/or exchange server 2003
    from the physical server to his virtual image
    (from a sysprepped or so on...) ?

    is it possible to maintain the physical DC server with exchange server 2003
    still active as i can do with 2 physical exchange server mirroring each other ?

    I was impressed by Your answer about disaster recovery: I can do a backup
    of vmware server and I could recover 4 servers to another physical hardware with vmware installed.

    What do you think about binding together 4 vital servers in a single piece of
    hardware ?

    Microsoft says :
    applications such as Microsoft SQL Serverô or Microsoft Exchange Server
    will run on a virtual machine.
    It may be appropriate to run these applications in virtual machines
    for testing or training, but not in a production environment.

    What do You think about ?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bind together 4 enterprise vital servers in a virtual server ?

    I think that you shouldn't run (except with SBS 2003) Exchange on a Domain Controller. At all.

    I think that yes, it's feasible to run these four boxes in a VMWare environment, but you're going to have to buy ESX, not VMWare Server (for performance) and you're probably looking at US$10,000 for the box - at least.

    You won't need to "migrate" the AD to your virtual box; the act of running DCPromo successfully makes a complete copy of the AD onto the new DC. Whether it's virtual or real, to AD it's just a DC.

    In a production environment all sorts of mad stuff can happen - can you be certain that you can recover in the event of mad stuff happening?

    If you had 3 or 4 servers on a single host you would administer them as individual servers.

    ISA server.... HMMM.... not sure I would run your ISA server on the same Host as you're running your enterprise apps. Just a feeling - I don't feel right about it. Not sure why.

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