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Citrix XenCenter 5.6 and local storage

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  • Citrix XenCenter 5.6 and local storage

    OK, so I have inherited a small Citrix virtual farm that consists of two host servers and 10 VMs. Now, for some reason, the hosts were set up to use local storage only, each server has almost 2 TB of storage, which is more than enough. However, all the VMs are currently hosted on the first server, as neither host can "see" the other's storage.

    I am not in IT, so I don't have direct access to any storage equipment, and I really hate to waste almost 4 TB of storage. So, does anyone know of a way that I can partition the existing storage (without having to redo everything) and share that with the other server? I would love to be able to migrate VMs between the two.

    The servers are running XenServer 5.6 SP2.