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Imaging and Virtualization

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  • Imaging and Virtualization

    Hello everyone im new hear to the forums. But not new to Petri. This place has been great. But I got a problem that google makes it really hard to find the answer and was looking for some quick answers.

    What I got is a terminal server on a windows 2003 at a remote location. What I need to accomplish is to move the computers OS not the computer. I have been looking into imaging software but all I have found makes images for the same piece of hardware. What I need is an complete image of the OS but it need to work on a completely different piece of hardware.

    Anyone have had any experiences with this. I have done images before but not like this and usually they are for the same piece of hardware. This case it not the same piece of hardware.

    Last question. More of a poll really. I am new to the virtualization world but have messed around with a few. What is a really good system for virtualization? I know of CITRIX and VMware. And now I am see Hyper V for server 2008 but what I have read Hyper V is only for 2008. Feed back on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all the feed back on my issues.

    PS Didnt know which section to slap this thing in.

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    Re: Imaging and Virtualization

    1. Acronis has a product that can clone a server and restore it to different hardware. Symantec has a product as well if I'm not mistaken. There are probably a bazillion products that can do this.

    2. Hyper-V is available in Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. You can virtualize just about every Windows OS as a virtual machine.

    3. If you implement Hyper-V, vSphere or XenServer you can convert your physical Windows Server 2003 server into a virtual machine.