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Small office site consilidation

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  • Small office site consilidation

    Hi All
    I would be happy to get your feedback on a Small Offices Consolidation project I am starting.
    I am looking into moving servers from small offices that don't have local IT people into main remote datacenters

    some inputs
    1. offices are connected by MPLS lines.
    2. offices have local wan acceleration devices
    3. offices have servers like , DC, DNS, DHCP, Print, File, Backup , Small local apps

    Can you guys share your input if you have this scenario up and running on your place and let me know what technologies are you using in order to be able to serve the above from a remote site over WAN.

    I rather have all spread over two main datacenters and not start taking stuff to the cloud or build extra third datacenter.

    I have been looking on cloud storage gateway solutions , that are giving me only solutions for the local backup/restore but not so the consolidation itself

    VDI & Terminal solutions are not what I am aiming for

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Small office site consilidation

    One issue to consider very carefully is bandwidth (not at the data centre but at the remote site) and WAN reliability -- if you have no infrastructure at the site, you are depending on everything else functioning properly
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      Re: Small office site consilidation

      Thanks Tom
      This was already taken into account



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        Re: Small office site consilidation


        You are saying you're not aiming for VDI or Terminal Services, yet how are you planning to maintain the local clients in the offices?
        With either VDI or Terminal Services you can at least go for thin clients and place some spare thin clients on the shelves. Or just let them to bring their own devices.

        Also you are saying you're not planning to go to the cloud... But why not building your own internal managed cloud?

        Take into account I mainly work for large clients so maybe I have the wrong mindset

        About the storage, I would go for a centralized, virtualized storage solution. But I'm not sure where you are looking for in this case.
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          Re: Small office site consilidation

          1. I don't want to go to terminal or vdi , as they have their own laptops and desktops
          2. I have my own private cloud , the all idea is to move their data to me and work
          3. about storage we have the local storage on the small offices and the bigger storage in the main datacenter , and the all idea is to find a way to remove the one from the remote and have people work remotely



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            Re: Small office site consilidation

            So by the sounds of it, you are looking at building an IAAS for their services am I right? You may well have local servers as well if deeemed necessary depending on the number of users at each site.