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KMS Service setup

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  • KMS Service setup

    Hi ,

    We are using a Citrix Xen Desktop Server 5.6 and Citrix Server 6.0 . Now we have created the shared pool - random pool in our catalog and there are about 100 systems and about 500 users are going to login at anytime in a day. Now as MAK based activation is not supported with citrix , i want to activate KMS Service on this server.

    So can any one guide me the step by step instruction for setting up kms host and kms clients so that every time when a client reboot , it generate the same ssid every time.

    i search some documents on citrix but its confusing to understand.


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    Re: KMS Service setup

    I found this steps on citrix but its confusing .....

    Can anyone tell me how to create the vdisk using a disk imaging wizard and how to boot the target device from vdisk in a private image mode

    please help..


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      Re: KMS Service setup

      Its a Microsoft KMS server that your setting up.

      Prepare a server as you normally would using Citrix then follow the instructions.