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Microsoft Server License for VM?

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  • Microsoft Server License for VM?

    I am going to have a Server with 1 Processor, I will have host OS Linux to run my VirtualBox, and them I will create about 8 Windows 2003 Virtual Servers for testing purpose.

    Now, I know that we need to buy license for every Windows 2003 virtual machines. However, if I check here Since my host server has 1 Processor buying Datacenter edition will allow me to run any number of VM's

    My question is:

    What is the difference between 2003 Std edition and Datacenter Edition. In principal I need 2003 Std edition to run my applications.

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    Re: Microsoft Server License for VM?

    There are a few differences among the various versions of Server. Datacaenter generally allows for systems to have more RAM and CPU as well as run other services that standard may not offer such as clustering. Here is a really good link to MS's site which compares the various differences:
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      Re: Microsoft Server License for VM?

      In terms of functionality, some extras in DataCenter, but anything that runs on Standard should also run fine on datacenter.

      Note that to futureproof yourself, you should see if you can get a 2008R2 license and use downgrade rights to run 2003 -- that way you should be able to upgrade at any time in the future
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        Re: Microsoft Server License for VM?

        since you're talking about things for testing purposes, you may be able to download the evaluation versions of Server, than include 180 day restricited licences. (It may not be appropriate for your needs, but it gives an idea)

        otherwise, you could look at a Microosft Action Pack Subscription, which gives you, if i understand correctly, unlimited licences for internal uses.... (that's about 450 $AUD) - much cheaper than buying multiple copies (but of course, definitely read the terms and conditions)
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          Re: Microsoft Server License for VM?

          Or TechNet. It is substantially cheaper than MAPS as long as you don't ask for the physical media to be delivered by courier.
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