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    I'm putting this in the general VM thread as I'm not sure which one I should be considering.

    Am looking at upgrading to the AMD Ryzen CPU when they come out, but am not happy that my only choice of Windows OS is Win10. So I'm considering moving to Linux full time with my current Win7 running as a VM on the Linux OS.

    Question is, which VM hypervisor would work best for that combo?

    I also considered running a Type 1 hypervisor with both Win 7 and Linux installs, but that may be overkill for this situation.

    Constructive opinions welcome.

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    With a type 1 hypervisor you would still require a system to connect to the VM's that you have created.

    For a type 2 hypervisor then you have some options, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, to name a few, will all work in Linux.

    With Windows 10 Pro you can use Hyper-V which will happily run Windows 7.

    What is stopping you from using Windows 10??