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    OK, first of all, I know it's really just XenDesktop now, but that's part of my problem. I'm in charge of testing software as it interacts with different virtual environments. I've recently set up a XenDesktop 7.5 environment, but so far, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to publish an application. I am attempting to recreate the ability of XenApp 6.5 to publish an application that can be retrieved via web page, but am confounded by the new way of doing things. While I wasn't exactly a Citrix expert before, I'm lost now. It doesn't appear you're able to publish applications to just users or groups anymore, you have to specify a machine, too.

    Now, part of my problem is that I am on limited resources. Until we move to our new data center, I don't have the space to create more than one machine, which is the machine I used to sequence my package. This machine is part of a Desktop OS (Virtual) catalog and a static applications delivery group. I can get the application published to the Receiver, but it's not opening.

    Basically what I'm looking for is if anyone can tell me if the ability to publish an application to any machine not specifically listed in a machine group even exists anymore, and, if so, how do you do it?