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  • XenApp 6 & Edgesight

    Good Day!
    Anyone know of a good site that has the proper setup procedures for setting up Edgesight? I have a XenApp 6 Platinum Farm (Win2k8R2 Servers of course) and a SQL Express 2008 server handy.

    Thank you.

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    Re: XenApp 6 & Edgesight

    never used it myself, but here's a howto I found:
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      Re: XenApp 6 & Edgesight

      Thank you for the link. That was good information!

      I was able to setup EdgeSight. It was a bit of a challenge but now I know what will happen in future installs. Just FYI, Edgesight and its SQL DB can be installed on the same server ( I in fact used SQL 2008 Express off of the XenApp6 DVD. I'm sure my implementation is NOT recommended or best practice by any means). Although I do not have Reporting up and running yet it is cool to see all the reporting capabilities available in Citrix Edgesight.

      Thanks again.