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Citrix Xenserver 5.5 | Broadcom 57780 Kernel

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  • Citrix Xenserver 5.5 | Broadcom 57780 Kernel


    Ok so i bought an xps 8100 and im trying to put zen server on it from scratch, the issue is i cant install due to "no network interface card installed" and ask me to reboot. my card is a broadcom 57780. So i know i have to go through shell and install the kernel but i cant create a kernel if i dont have linux installed.

    1. Does anyone have the broadcom 57xx kernel? aka tg3.ko (i think that's what it would be called)

    2. In regards to creating kernals for Xenserver 5.5 does the kernel have to be created in xen 5.5 or can it be created in another flavor of Linux?

    3. What do you use to create kernels? (Preference version of Linux and ddk software)

    4. Any other information you feel is helpful

    I have searched the internet but I'm just not understanding this. So any information/ advise/ guidance you can provide will be helpful and much appreciated.

    PS. It would really be much appreciated if someone can help me with this kernel