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Testing of virtual machines in ESX

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  • Testing of virtual machines in ESX


    Do you have procedure to test virtual machine performance under ESX 3.5?
    We have a POC on ESX 3.5 with Virtual Center Server. We have 2x DL380G5 server with 8GB ram and Dual CPU(Quad Core) each.

    I'm looking for a simple tool to test the performance(e.g. response times of web, swl, file server) of virtual machines. We will be using the same tool when we evaluate XenServer of Citrix.


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    Re: Testing of virtual machines in ESX

    I don't have a universal tool for load testing everything but there are tools available for testing individual components or subsystems. Examples would be multiple tools available for simulating Citrix loads, iometer for testing the handling of disk i/o throughput, as well as some tools availabilt to stress test IIS web servers. I don't have specifics on the tool names and locations right now but I have them downloaded at home and use them occassionally. IOMETER is the only one I remember the name of and you should be able to google that. It is a tool commonly used to test SANs, iSCSI, and to some extent database performance. Another good load test I have is my end users

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