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Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

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  • Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

    I've been playing with the product sinds november last year, and i'm wondering if more people here have tested the product. If you have, i would like to know your opinion on the product.
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    Re: Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

    We have been implementing in our environment for about three weeks. We are a Citrix solutions partner and up until this point we had two hardware platforms ( HP DL380's G5 duo quad cores with 16 GB ram). One running the free version of VMWare and one running the freeware Microsoft Virtual Server. Each box had (8 VM's on the VMWare) and 4 on the Microsoft Virtual servers, all production VM's. All Windows 2003 servers running various roles. The Microsoft server ran horrible, slow,slow,slow. The VmWare ran better but not great. Both had high cpu usage and ram.
    We Installed two new Xenserver Enterprise boxes on the same platforms and started a migration from the other two boxes. We have finished with the VMWare server. With 8 VM's running on Xenserver1 the CPUs are barely doing anything. The ram usage is using every bit of the 16 GB. The performance is astounding. We see no notable difference between running in a VM and running on a physical box.
    The migration utility V2VXVA.exe migrated the VMware VM's no problem. A two part process that take a while but worked fine.
    The migration utility for the Microsoft Virtual server does not work. We have opened a case with Citrix and there are many reports on the Internet about the problem but no resolution.
    As I type I am converting the Microsoft VM's to VMWare and then migrating to Xen.
    I can give you more info if migrating is something you will be doing.
    We are still deciding on a shared storage solution.



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      Re: Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

      is this system hardware level virtualization, or same as VMWare Server?

      because if it is, it will not be correct to compare VMware server and Xen, you should compare with ESX
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        Re: Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

        Hi Raymoore, we are working with citrix xenserver enterprise 4.1, but i dont know how to pass from a real windows 2003 server to a vm of xen, how do you do this? Thanks a lot


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          Re: Citrix Xenserver Anyone?

          Xen is hypervisor and should not be compared to VMWare Server or Virtial Server.
          You need to do comparison with ESX and Hyper-V.

          Both MS VS and VMWare Server run on top of the underlying OS, while ESX/Hyper-V/Xen have direct access to the H/W.
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