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    Evening all

    on server 2012, I have replicated a server hosted on an 2012 to an 2012R2 server. I now want this to be the host as its a hyper-v cluster but when I try to reverse the replication it says it cant as the primary need to be same or newer on the old host

    Does anyone know if im ok just to remove the replication and the server will stay on the new host?

    note: when I look at the replication settings on the new host it shows the old host as primary still


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    Re: Remove replication

    I believe the changeover between primary and secondary will happen when you invoke the replica server due to a failure of the primary. As it stands, replicated VMs are not running when copied to the replica store. As long as the original VM is still running and being replicated, it's the primary, and the replica will always be some point in time behind the primary, due to the lag in replication. There is a 'Planned Failover' function available on the replica VMs, which should stand the replica VM up as the primary, since it's assumed that you're resorting to the replica because the original primary has become unavailable.

    For more info on replicas and failovers, see this series at:
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