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NLB in Hyper-V Host problem???

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  • NLB in Hyper-V Host problem???

    I have Wk12 with Hyper-V role.
    On one of the VMs I have W2k8 R2 set up as IIS server with static IP
    Everything is working fine, I can remote to the IIS server, web sites can be accessed from the LAN, I can ping the server.

    I configure NLB with only one host - the localhost , just to check if it will work.
    The IP of the NLB is with unicast operation mode.
    I have the default port rule, to allow all ports.
    Once I click ok and the NLB is started I cannot access the IIS server from net.
    I cannot remote to it, can't ping it, can't access the websites.
    When I do ipconfig it shows me both IP addresses, its own and the NLB clusters one.

    Once I delete the NLB everything is working fine.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Could the problem be that the host I am making NLB is inside Hyper-V???

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    Re: NLB in Hyper-V Host problem???

    I figure it out
    I need to enable mac spoofing on the nic and add another nic in hyper-v.


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      Re: NLB in Hyper-V Host problem???

      Thanks for posting the resolution. Moved to the Hyper-V forum