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2008 Hyper-v with multiple NICs

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  • 2008 Hyper-v with multiple NICs

    Hi all,
    I am having a weird issue here and only one server to work with.

    The server is a pe2950 with two nics. It currently is running 2008 r2. It has one VM, and I would like to add another.

    When I go to add the second VM - it only offers me the NIC that is being used by the first VM.

    When I go into Network and Sharing Center, Change Adapter Settings, I see three NICs.

    local area connection #1 = unplugged
    local area connection #4 = my network name, virtual network
    local area connection #2 = enabled

    I check the NICs themselves - both are on, connected to the switch and getting blinking lights. Both NICs are enabled in device manager.

    So - is there any way to enable #1 and use it for the second VM?


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    Re: 2008 Hyper-v with multiple NICs

    You need to create another virtual network (using HyperV manager) and bind it to the second NiC, then set that network in the VMs settings

    EDIT - read the above more closely...
    HyperV has an unfortunate habit of changing the role of network ports without telling anyone, so a port which looks as if it is a physical NiC (in Network and Sharing Centre) may actually be bound to HyperV while a port which appears as "HyperV port" is actually the physical port - basically worth checking properties of each NiC and seeing which are real and which are HV
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      Re: 2008 Hyper-v with multiple NICs

      I think you're misunderstanding how Hyper-V networking works.

      1. You create a Hyper-V virtual switch bound to a physical NIC.

      2. You add a virtual NIC to your virtual machines that is bound to the virtual switch.

      3. You don't need to create a dedicated virtual switch for every virtual machine. You don't need to use a dedicated physical NIC for each virtual machine.

      The network connections on your host that you've described sound perfectly normal to me. You have:

      1. One physical NIC which is unplugged.

      2. One physical NIC that the Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch driver is bound to.

      3. One Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter, which provides connectivity for the virtual machines between the virtual switch and the physical NIC in item 2.


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        Re: 2008 Hyper-v with multiple NICs

        Originally posted by Sternfan2012 View Post
        When I go to add the second VM - it only offers me the NIC that is being used by the first VM.
        Are you talking about the network you connect the VM to? If so, that is a virtual switch and you can have multiple VM's connected to it. The physical NIC on the server is a bridge to the physical network.

        "local area connection #1 = unplugged"
        This NIC is having issues since you say it's plugged in the lights on it are lit up. Update the drivers, download the Dell SUU and see if there's a firmware update for the NIC, try a different cable, reset the TCP/IP settings, etc.

        "local area connection #4 = my network name, virtual network"
        This is a virtual NIC that is connected to the virtual switch you created in Hyper-V Manager. This is created when you select "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter."

        "local area connection #2 = enabled"
        This is the physical NIC that connects the virtual switch to the physical network.

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