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  • Replication Setup

    Hi, looking to test replication for some of my non-mission critical servers, mission critical handled by appassure backup software

    I would like to replicate a few servers on my LAN from one hyper-v box to another, I have a live migration network setup and was would like to use this, but it seems by default replication uses the production network.

    Would like to use a non production nics

    was thinking of setting up a DNS zone and using that, my domain controllers would be able to see the other network, if this would not be possible would host files be the way to go

    hope this makes some sort of sense

    hyper-v 2012

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    Re: Replication Setup

    It's a bit involved but can be done. Here's a write up of it.

    When I setup Hyper-V clusters I try to put them on their own LAN for the parent NIC, in addition to LANs for cluster, live migration, and CSV (not to mention VM connections too).

    Since the parent NIC is used for management only it shouldn't have an affect on the VMs' network performance if that is your concern. If you're more concerned about congestion on the LAN overall then you'll need to take the steps outlined in the link above.


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