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Hyper-V 2008: Creating Failover Cluster

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  • Hyper-V 2008: Creating Failover Cluster

    Hello Guys

    I am trying to build a 2 Node Hyper-V Cluster using 2 HP DL380p G8 Servers and a Buffalo Terrastation NAS Device.

    My question is pretty simple - Due to issues with my Supplier I am able to get only 1 of the 2 HP DLs at the moment. Therefore can I just build the 1st Node - install the OS, install failover clustering without the 2nd node and thereafter install Hyper-V Role ?

    There is a delay of about 3 weeks in acquiring the second server and i do not want to hold everything due to that. I understand that there will not be any redundancy but can the Hyper-V Cluster be built with 1 server for now and can the 2nd Server be added to the cluster later on in the following weeks ?

    If Yes - are there any changes to the way failover clustering is normally installed on a Windows 2008 Server ?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Hyper-V 2008: Creating Failover Cluster

    1. I'm pretty sure you can install a single node cluster.

    2. You need to install the Hyper-V role before you install the Failover Cluster feature.