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Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

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  • Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

    Hoping someone can help with a problem I am having.

    I have recently built a new Hyper-V box on HPDL380 Gen8 and installed the 2012 Hyper-V this is the bare metal hyper-visor and not the full Win2012 install.

    Have it all working created a Win2K3 system on it, both the VM and the HyperV host are joined to the domain and all network connectivity is working as expected.

    However we have an issue when not always but sometimes on a reboot the 2003 VM just sits showing a black screen in the HyperV console, we are unable to ping the VM but not suprising if Windows has not started, the only way to restore it is to Rest or power off the VM and then seems to be all ok.

    While in testing this is an issue we can deal with but this system needs to go into production.

    I have had a google and most say about doing a boot repair, but its not the problem all the time.

    Has anyone come across something like this before?



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    Re: Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

    I would start with attempting to identify if it is a host or a VM problem -- can you create more VMs and see if they do the same? If so, it is most likely a host issue

    You should also probably set the VM to boot into safe (or boot logging) mode and get more information about where it is stopping. Also see if anything got into the event logs (host and VM)
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      Re: Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

      Have you installed the Hyper-V Integration Services on the VM? If not, start with that.


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        Re: Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

        Originally posted by Kimbie
        Have it all working created a Win2K3 system on it
        Was the 2K3 VM VHD copied from another Hyper-V or as below was it built on the 2012 Hyper-V?
        Did you built the 2K3 VM on that Hyper-V or did you Export/Import from another Hyper-V machine?
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          Re: Hyper-V VM Black Screen on Boot

          This is not an uncommon problem and heres your solution:
          1. From another server, export this key and its values to a .reg file: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors
          2. Use remote registry to import it into the problem server.
          3. Finish by restarting the problem server

          That should fix it.
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